FOCA is a project aimed at developing a suite of open source development tools for the MSX computing environment, particularly an assembler and a C compiler that can produce output suitable for the UZIX operating system.

A preliminary version of the assembler is ready.

The most outstanding result of the FOCA project so far is a book (published under the GNU Free Documentation License) with technical reference to Z80 assembly, the MSX BIOS, UZIX, MSX-DOS and hardware characteristics of the MSX architecture. The book was written in portuguese (cover shown at the right), and a print version was sold in the Brazilian MSX user gathering at Jaú in November 2002.

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    Also, all source code and documentation are in the CVS, check the Project Page.

    Fudeba Assembler 1.0.0 (November 2002 release)

      fa-1.0.0.tar.gz (23 KB)
      (source code, compiles under any Unix where gcc is available and also under Hitech C compiler (for generation of a Uzix binary) (comercial C compiler for the Z80))

    Book "Fudeba Assembler: Manual e Referência da Arquitetura MSX"

    Uzix X-Utils 1.0 (January 18th 2003)

      This is a collection fo utilities to read/write UZIX filesystems. Currently it includes 3 read-only utilities (uzixfsinfo, uzixfsls, uzixfscat), mkuzixfs for creating new filesystems and a linux kernel module for mounting uzix filesystems read/write under Linux.

      UXU-1.0.tar.gz (35 KB)
      (source code, generic utilities should work on any Unix, Linux kernel driver is for Linux only) Logo